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Personalised support for charities and community groups

LET'S TALK:    078 371 11647​
A one stop shop for funding help and more
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We are an independent, multi-skilled company who work with Charities and Voluntary, Community & Faith groups in Greater Manchester.

We do this by providing our clients with a wide range of services on a not-for-profit basis.

What we do & why

 Our clients are driven by their own passion and commitment. But we know they sometimes need a bit of extra support. (When the sea might get a bit choppy!) Funding might be short. Key people might leave at critical times. Or they may be reviewing their future direction and plans - especially during times of change. We offer a menu of services to help our clients during these critical times. 

In the past, voluntary organisations have turned to their local Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) or equivalent and we would suggest that this be the first port of call for most organisations seeking help. But because of the current economic climate it is increasingly likely that many areas are without a CVS or have a CVS with reduces resources. Therefore, we wish to be complementary to services offered by a CVS, or an alternative where a CVS cannot help.


For information on services that we offer, for example, grant funding applications or mentoring a key person in a group or organisation such as a Chair, Chief Officer or Manager. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

LET'S TALK:    078 371 11647​
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