Introduction to grant funding for charities and not for profits”

This is a three-hour workshop on Zoom. That covers.

· Introduction
· The grant environment
· Telling your story - Application forms / Application letters
· Project Budget
· What else you might need
· Where to find information about grants
· Summary

The workshops involve practical tasks for the participants.

Each workshop is suitable for a maximum of 6 people (Anymore and the workshop element does not work.)

Tried and tested course 3 course- with positive feedback.
• “Thank you so much for this morning, it was extremely helpful and has made me and Nat really excited to get going with writing our funding bid.”
• “I really enjoyed today’s session. I like your pace and the way we all get our chance to speak in relation to our own businesses and experience.”

From only £50 ...

The cost to run each workshop (for up to 6 participants) from Community Help and Information Service CIC is £300 (no vat) in total. Combine with other groups to give yourself a good deal.🙂 For information or to register your interest call 07837 111 647 or go to the contacts page.